Phoenix Tooling
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Tool Design

Utilising our state of the art 3D cad software we can simulate each stage of the punching & forming process. Strip layout and GA meetings take place with the customer at each stage to ensure all parties have the opportunity to provide essential input into the final tool design.


Efficient running of our CNC machines is the key to reducing the manufacturing times for each tool. Careful planning, designed to achieve effective night & weekend running, is essential in order to utilise the most efficient time management procedure for each project. All machined parts are rigorously inspected and detailed quality control standards are signed off prior to the part moving to the next process.

Multi-slide & Bihler Tooling

Phoenix have been designing & manufacturing Bihler tooling for over 30 years. As the demand for more complex parts has increased, we have continually invested in the latest CAD & simulation software to demonstrate the feasibility & manufacturing process up front at the tool design stage.

Phoenix Tooling & Development Celebrates 25 Years of Toolmaking Excellence

2015 is a benchmark year for Aldridge based precision toolmakers Phoenix Tooling and Development Ltd, as the company celebrates its 25th anniversary. The New Year also heralds a further chapter in the continuing success of the business with the directors announcing a major investment programme, designed to support the strong and consistent growth in business that the company continues to enjoy.


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