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Machining Centres

Intrinsic to Phoenix Tooling and Development’s wide range of equipment and services, the company operates a range of multiple machining centre facilities. These include four Mazak VTC machines XYZ and soon to arrive, the very latest GF Mikron Pro machinery.

Phoenix ongoing investment in new equipment is all part of the company’s programme to significantly increase the company’s through cut machining capacity, which coupled with the arrival of WP1 partner pallet automation allowing for multiple day unmanned machining, will ensure that Phoenix continues to be at the forefront in tooling manufacture and development.

GF Mikron VCE2000 PRO with WPT1 Work Partner

Mazak VTC-20B

Mazak VTC-30C

Mazak VTC-30C Twin Carousel

Mazak VTC-300C II

XYZ Mini Mill 560

Bridgeport Interact 4

Machining Centres
GF Mikron VCE2000 PRO with WPT1 Work Partner

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