Tool Try-out / Commissioning

Tool Try-out
The highly experienced team at Phoenix carry out extensive try-out testing and commissioning on all new projects. The company has recently invested over £1m in new equipment, designed to ensure all new tooling and commissioning meets the exacting standards required, with each component verified against its CAD data. Customers are very welcome to view the progress of their tooling trials taking place.

To ensure that all new tooling enters full production without any issues, the company’s latest acquisitions include Chin Fong GTX500D and a Tomac TLF4 coil handling equipment that allows for fully simulated mass production stamping. The new equipment enables trial tooling up to 3.5 metres in length, whilst the tonnage monitoring apparatus captures data from each stage of the press cycle.

Multi-slide tooling is tested and commissioned on either the company’s Bihler GRM50 or RM40 dedicated try-out machines. The in-house equipment facilitates the handling of coil material enabling Phoenix to run 1st batch volume production thereby ensuring the complete problem free handover of new tooling to our customers.

Tool Commissioning
All tools pass through an internal commissioning phase, where tools are fully tested and prepared ready for production. Alternatively, where required, tools can be commissioned at the customer’s own premises. In all instances our experienced engineers will work closely with the client’s production team to achieve a successful handover.

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