Tool Manufacture

Efficient running of our CNC machines is the key to reducing manufacturing times for each tool. Careful planning, designed to achieve effective 24 hour and 7-day running ensures the most efficient time management procedure for each tool manufacture project. Rigorous inspection, detailed quality control and ‘sign off’ complete each process.

Phoenix has the ability and capacity to carry out sub-contract machining services including 2D and 3D soft and hard machining, surface grinding and high precision EDM wire eroding.

2D & 3D CNC Machining / Hard 3D CNC Machining

Predetermined integral datums allow fully assembled parts from the tool to be machined together at the same time.

  • Latest software assists to program cutter paths
  • Parts or tools machined exactly to CAD models
  • Create 3D inspection report from original CAD model
  • Recreate over bends or adjustments
  • Working from pre-set datums allows resetting and aligning to be achieved quickly and accurately.
EDM Wire Eroding

Accurate Cutting Processes
Producing complex punch and die forms, utilising the latest corner cutting and fine finishing technology – Slots, Profiles, Angles, Holes, Radius & Tapers.

Multiple Setup Capability / Auto Wire Feed
Multiple parts on a machine. One setup all programs run. In conjunction with auto wire feed, no operator is required to start new profiles and in the event of wire breakage. This enables the machine to be more productive, particularly when running overnight.

Program Pre Run (Screen Display)
Run entire program at various speeds on screen to test the program and improve if necessary.

Surface Grinding

The Phoenix shop floor provides a wide range of the latest production facilities with the capacity to ensure that all tooling projects have a smooth uninterrupted workflow. For example, our surface grinding machinery allows for work pieces up to 1metre x 400mm to be accurately ground to precise specification.

Visitors the plant will be impressed by the range of grinding tasks carried out by unmanned automatic grinding machines performing accurately and efficiently.  All part of the continuous Phoenix investment programme in new technology.

Laser Cutting / Punch Press Facilities

Laser cut development strips can be cut on our Trumpf 600L Twin Head Laser Punch Presses. This is situated directly next to a dedicated try-out press, thus reducing the development cycle time to a minimum.

With the high levels of investment involved in tooling and producing new products, it is essential that any proposed products and associated tooling fully meet your requirements. A product development service forms an integral part of our capabilities, with individual development cells utilised for endurance testing of both innovative and existing products, as well as ensuring secure development of customer prototypes.

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