Areas of expertise

Sub Assembly Tooling

Phoenix Tooling & Development is the perfect partner from which to source all your child part tooling and assembly fixtures. Our management and engineers have clearly demonstrated over the years and across many sub-assembly projects that Phoenix is the ideal partner to provide the skills and experience to professionally handle the complete tooling process through to final assembly.

The unique Phoenix team approach to each sub-assembly project begins from a completely new and innovative prospective. By undertaking the complete ownership of the final assembly, rather than taking a typical approach of only focusing on the individual pressings, enables the Phoenix team to understand any tooling complexities and thereby supply the customer with an exceptional result.

The company has purposely incorporated multiple resources into every production area to allow for numerous tools and fixtures to be processed in parallel. Phoenix utilises its data collection systems to ensure each tool/fixture within the sub-assembly project is completed on time within the whole project schedule thus ensuring that lead-times are kept to a minimum.

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