Tool Assembly

Dedicated tool assembly areas, over-head cranes, multiple assembly areas and a coordinated workforce enable our skilled team of toolmakers to efficiently build different sections of the tool at the same time.

Multiple tool builds are regularly in progress at the same time. Flexible assembly equipment is used to allow efficient changes depending on tool size.

Tool Build
Our continuous level of investment in equipment and technology is essential in producing new products that fully meet our client’s requirements. Laser cut development strips are cut on a Trumpf 6000L Twin Head Combination Laser Punch Press, which operates in parallel to a dedicated try-out press, thus reducing development cycles. Our product development service forms an integral part of our capabilities, with individual development cells utilised for endurance testing of both innovative and existing products, in addition to ensuring safe and secure development of customer prototypes.

Tool and component development loops are kept to a minimum by utilising our in-house laser cutting facility and dedicated try-out presses.

Development progression strips can be lasered, pressed and validated efficiently and effectively to keep development times to a minimum.

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