NPI & Project Management

Phoenix Tooling utilize solid, tested NPI techniques to manage & control the life cycle of each tooling project, from RFQ receipt through to full customer approval. The NPI gated structure ensures that all information, tasks, roles & responsibilities are clear, defined, captured & completed before progressing to the next gate. This structure allows new tooling projects to run efficiently to ensure successful results & full customer satisfaction.

Project Management
All projects undertaken are entered onto our comprehensive capacity and scheduling plan, ensuring that all tools have detailed and set time slots planned for each process. This results in accurate and realistic lead-times being verified, at which point they can be discussed and reviewed with the customer. Progress of each live project is reviewed weekly to ensure each project is on plan. If delays occur, management can respond accordingly to get the process back to plan as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Project Management of Far Eastern Tooling Packages
Phoenix Tooling have direct experience in project managing significant Far East tooling projects. Existing partners are on hand to undertake both the design & manufacturing (under Phoenix control) tasks to ensure budget & lead-time constraints are met. The added benefit to the customer is that Phoenix has the press & toolroom equipment necessary to undertake any late modification work needed once the tools arrive in UK/Europe.

Tooling TPM Management
The management & monitoring of tooling TPM is a service that Phoenix can offer its customers. The rapid supply of tooling spares is something that Phoenix Tooling pride itself on. Tooling inventory (either raw materials, part manufactured, or fully completed) items can be stored at Phoenix ready for final machining or immediate fitting to existing tools. Each tool that is returned to Phoenix for TPM is inspected & reports created to inform all interested parties of the current condition of the tool & whether any preventative actions are needed.

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