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Turn-Key Solutions

Phoenix has a well proven track record in the provision of full turn-key multi-slide component manufacturing solutions. We have the capability of sourcing suitable multi-slide machines that can be installed at our facility where we can then fully design, test and manufacture the tooling within our UK operations. Full commissioning of the whole press line is carried out in-house, ready for our customer to view and approve the bespoke solution ready for shipment to anywhere in the world.

Full support & training always follows on to ensure the customer hand-over process is carried out smoothly. PT&D ensure communication line remains open to support any future issues the client may encounter.

Phoenix also have the ability & experience to supply both full stamping coil & transfer lines. Together with our press equipment partners we can ensure the project management, build & installation is carried out on time, in full, with minimum disruption to the client.

Turn Key Solutions

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