Tool Design & Consultancy

Utilising our state of the art 3D CAD software we can simulate each stage of the punching & forming process. Strip layout and GA meetings take place as part of our NPI process & with customer interaction at each stage to ensure all parties have the opportunity to provide essential and continuous input into the final tool design. The gated NPI process ensures that all information needed to successfully progress the project is available at each stage.

Once 3D design is complete, detailed drawings are automatically produced and sent to the manufacturing area. Once the project is complete & approved the full latest version updated tool drawings, CAD & BOM are sent to the customer for their future reference.

Multi-Slide Component Forming Simulation
Phoenix have the ability & software to allow the forming sequence to be simulated to ensure clash conditions are avoided, feed timing is acceptable & part ejection is robust. This ability is very useful when presenting the tool design to the customer to show the action & sequence of the complete tool set.

Press Tool Design Consultancy
Our very experienced technical & design team are available to advise on feasibility, tooling issues/solutions & problem solving topics within a consultancy role whenever needed.

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