All components can be measured using our Romer 3D laser scanning arm. The company’s recent investment in the latest scanning technology provides Phoenix with the ability to create 3D measurement reports in a matter of minutes. This facility also enables the company to provide a reverse engineering service to its customers.

Measurement Features
• Inspection to CAD model
• First article inspection
• Batch inspection
• Profiling and digitising (Contours)
• Reverse engineering
• Capability studies
• Design & development investigations
• SPC analysis
• Jig & fixture measurement

Reporting Formats
• Hard copy
• Customer defined report. i.e. Excel
• Graphical report

Multiple points measured on forms / curves producing sectional cuts of the component.
These sections can then be compared to the original 3D model.

Visual Presentation
Report produced from CAD / model in an easy readable, picture based form.
All areas of inspection will be clearly labelled with nominal deviation and tolerances.

Romer Arm Laser Scanning Service

The Romer Arm measuring equipment enables Phoenix Tooling to maintain the highest levels of quality inspection and control together with a fast and efficient turnaround. This laser scanning service reduces the precise measuring time and development cycle time to a minimum.

Reverse Engineering Service

Many of our customers use this reverse engineering service from Phoenix Tooling to allow broken tooling items to be converted to a 3D CAD file, allowing Phoenix to manufacture a replacement item. The built in facilities of the Romer Absolute Arm enables the Phoenix engineers to reverse engineer the manufacture of new parts without the need for drawings or CAD. The equipment also incorporates Easy ‘A’ surface form inspection, mobile scanning and hard surface probe capabilities together with instant easy to read colour map results.

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