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Efficient running of our CNC machines is the key to reducing the manufacturing times for each tool. Careful planning, designed to achieve effective night & weekend running, is essential in order to utilise the most efficient time management procedure for each project. All machined parts are rigorously inspected and detailed quality control standards are signed off prior to the part moving to the next process.

Manufacturing Services

CNC Machining Tool Manufacture Component Manufacture Production Facility Presswork Wire Eroding Press Tool Making 3D Machining

CNC Machining

Setup Reduction
One setup, all programs run. Fixed datum jigs allowing quick turnaround. Incorporates lean manufacturing techniques comprising of precision interchangeable jigs, rapid tool change and a dedicated tool cabinet with associated hand tools.

3D Machining
Predetermined integral datum's allow fully assembled parts from the tool to be machined together at the same time.
  • Latest software assists to program cutter paths.
  • Parts or tools machined exactly to CAD models.
  • Checked on CMM from original source. (Generated CAD model).
  • Create 3D inspection report from original CAD model.
  • Recreate over bends or adjustments.
  • Working from pre-set datum's allows resetting and aligning to be achieved quickly and accurately.

Latest Technology & Machining Techniques
We have three Mazak machining centres VTC 30C (2) VTC300 C (1). These machines are totally interchangeable and fully operational in 2D and 3D machining. All machines fed by DNC link with off board programming bespoke software. We are also in conjunction with the leading suppliers, keeping us up-to-date with the latest cutters and machining strategies.

Tool and Component Manufacture

A wide range of tooling development activities are undertaken with particular expertise in designing and producing tooling solutions for progression, transfer, substrate and veneer projects.

We are also well versed in the latest engineering terminology including: FMEA, capability studies, environmental procedures, process improvement and set-up reduction. All of which are invaluable at the concept / feasibility stage.

Major investment in the latest CAD/CAM systems, wire eroding and 3D machining centres has resulted in a fast turnaround in tool design and manufacture. All tools are developed and proved on our presses with supplied samples from the tooling. Samples are supplied with a full inspection report in 2D or 3D.

Our tool room is also fully equipped for repairs and modifications to existing tooling with accurate CMM inspection of damaged parts, if CAD data cannot be supplied.

With the advanced capabilities within the company we can provide an excellent service to suit your needs for Toolmaking, Modifications and Repairs.

Production Facility

Phoenix can provide an extensive range of modern CNC machines, which are readily available to fulfil all aspects of the customer production machining requirements. The company's latest laser scanning and CMM technology has been purposely designed to ensure consistently high quality components during batch production runs.


Where required the company's range of presses, with capacities up to 300ton mechanical and up to 80ton hydraulic, together with GRM50 Bihler, are available to customers who may experience capacity issues or require emergency production runs

Wire Erosion

Accurate Cutting Processes
Producing complex punch and die forms, utilising the latest corner cutting and fine finishing technology.
  • Slots
  • Profiles
  • Angles
  • Holes
  • Radius
  • Tapers

Multiple Setup Capability / Auto Wire Feed
Multiple parts on a machine. One setup all programs run. In conjunction with auto wire feed, no operator is required to start new profiles and in the event of wire breakage. This enables the machine to be more productive, particularly when running overnight.

Program Pre Run (Screen Display)
Run entire program at various speeds on screen to test the program and improve if necessary.

Press Tool Making

For over thirty years Phoenix has built up a strong reputation for high quality precision tooling. The company’s comprehensive range of specialist services includes:
  • NPI Projects
  • New Tooling
  • Modifications
  • Repairs
  • TPM - Regrind, Servicing
  • Reverse Engineering of complete tools or single items
  • Tool try-out
  • Spares / Consumable services

3D Machining

Predetermined integral datums allow fully assembled parts from the tool to be machined together at the same time.
  • Latest software assists to program cutter paths
  • Parts or tools machined exactly to CAD models
  • Checked on CMM from original source (Generated CAD model)
  • Create 3D inspection report from original CAD model
  • Recreate over bends or adjustments
  • Working from pre-set datums allows resetting and aligning to be achieved quickly and accurately.

Machines In Reserve (Backup)
Three machines allow continuation of machining without compromising production / lead times. This enables machines to be maintained regularly giving a more accurate and better service long term.

Timing Plans
Advanced planning, maximising our full capacity and customer gain. Incorporating new and existing projects allowing for lead time losses due to unexpected delays in production.

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